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With Autumn here and Winter just around the corner, our designers share some of their top tips on how to get your home feeling a little more cosy, comforting and warm. Just what we all need!

1. Bring the outdoors in

When you look at some of the key trends in interiors at the moment, many are aligned to how we are spending more time at home and therefore want to make our homes more of a relaxing space. This is perfect for the colder, darker days drawing in.

Being ‘at one with nature’ is a key trend identified by Top Drawer for Autumn/Winter 2020 and it’s clear to see that this has been strong all through the summer months too. Replicating the colours, patterns and even scents of the great outdoors is the perfect way to add tranquillity to the home. During the Summer months we’ve seen lots of green and botanical influences along with natural materials, such as light woods and rattan.

The same goes for Autumn/Winter; natural fabrics and greenery connect us to the great outdoors even when inside. You can also expand into more autumnal tones such as ochre, rust and terracotta. These are perfect warm tones to add through accessories such as vases, ceramics and crockery.

2. Comforting fabrics

Much like we do with our change in Summer to Winter wardrobes, it’s time to bring out those thick and cosy duvets and throws.

Boucle continues to be a popular fabric and it offers the perfect texture for colder months. You can also add extra cushions to your living areas and consider switching out a thinner rug for a thicker, deeper pile one – alternatively you can look to layer rugs which not only adds a little extra comfort but can be really eye catching too.

Curtains can be another great way to add a little more colour and warmth to a room, especially if you have big double doors which let in a little cold air too. If you’ve had thinner, perhaps linen curtains up in summer, consider adding a second layer in a block colour – we are big fans of velvet!

3. The little details

Sometimes the smaller details can make all the difference and adding a few extra candles around the house can not only add a nice warming and relaxing atmosphere in the evenings but bring beautiful scents into the home too. Similarly, you can pick from a range of Autumnal/Winter scented diffusers.

Another thing that’s been a hot trend this year is dried flowers – not only do they last so much longer but they offer a whole variety of textures and colours to bring into a room. For Autumn and Winter, we love pampas grass and poppy heads to name a few!

And if it's brighter pops of colour you're after, we recommend checking out The Happy Blossoms for some beautiful baked blossom arrangements in bright and bold colour ways.

4. Atmospheric lighting

Nothing quite beats the glow of an open fire but whether you have a fireplace or not, now may be the time to add a few more table or floor lamps to darker rooms which can introduce a lovely warm atmosphere.

5. Be the host with the most

Autumn and Winter are great seasons to host family and friends for dinner (where possible with the current varying rules across the country) but whether it’s a party of 6, or just your household, making the most of evenings at home can make all the difference to how we enjoy our living spaces and feel our best.

Tying together some of the key colours for Autumn/Winter and bringing those dried flowers, candles and soft fabrics in too – here’s a little inspiration for your next dinner party; whether it's for one, six or somewhere in-between!

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