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Interior design for a London Communal Lounge


Every project begins with a collaboration of ideas between our interior designer and client.

For Homeowners

We truly believe that people and how they live are at the core of interior design. Only by understanding you and how you live can we create your perfect home or space. With every new client we will start off by getting to know you; securing a sound understanding of your passions, inspirations and overall vision. It’s at this point we can be sure we are starting a successful journey to create your dream space and will begin to present our ideas through creative mood boards of visuals, textures and materials.

For Developers
Ensuring we understand your vision and target market is an essential first step in the process of creating a captivating and exceptional showhome. Honing in on these two aspects along with the location of the development allows us to begin collating our ideas, visuals and first glimpses of what the finished product could be.

Luxury home interiors
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For Homeowners

We understand that our homes need to reflect our personalities, our lifestyles and memories and can often be a mixture of the old and the new. We take inspiration from your tastes and passions and develop the design from there, considering any existing belongings you wish to incorporate.

For Developers

For showhome projects, inspiration is always project-based. We draw inspiration from the architecture of the building, surrounding areas and more importantly the profile of the occupier.


For Homeowners

At this stage we will ensure we optimise the layout and use of space within your home to suit you. We will evaluate every room, from corner to corner to ensure it’s practical and functional but most importantly works with how you use your space.

We will present conceptual mood boards which capture our initial ideas, allowing for further collaboration and feedback from you ahead of creating detailed proposals inclusive of fabrics and finish samples.

For Developers

We will complete a detailed survey of the property, evaluating each area and effectively space plan to ensure we optimise functionality and achieve the most practical layout for the occupier; considering best use of space and specific areas viewers may be more interested in.

Conceptual mood boards are then presented to you, capturing our initial ideas for your property. We consider all feedback and any new ideas before we proceed with creating a detailed proposal inclusive of fabrics and finish samples with pricing.

Interior styling service in London
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For Homeowners

The exciting part. Your visions and dreams for your perfect home are now very close to becoming a reality. You will be assigned a project manager who will oversee and manage all aspects of the ordering and coordination of deliveries; ensuring you are consistently updated on progress and completions.

For Developers

Upon placing your order, you will be assigned a project manager who will oversee and manage all aspects; from coordination of deliveries to final completion dates, ensuring continuous communication throughout.


For Homeowners

Now for the really exciting part – completion day. Along with our designer and project manager, our exceptional team of installation and furnishing specialists will arrive to complete your vision. Each item of furniture will be perfectly positioned in line with the agreed design and each room immaculately styled ready for you to enjoy.

For Developers

Our team of skilled installation experts will deliver and install the furnishings, ensuring everything is meticulously placed in line with the agreed design layout.

Our designer will style the property immaculately ready for photography which we will share with you to assist with your marketing efforts.

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