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In this blog, we explore the emerging trends that are set to redefine our living spaces, including those trends that are here to stay and a glimpse into the colours, textures, and styles that will shape our homes in 2024.


We anticipate seeing the subtle allure of cool tones and metals taking a gentle spotlight in 2024. For instance, using chrome and alluminum in lighting designs creates an understated elegance.

This lamp from Lights & Lamps is a sleek and contemporary way to use chrome that doesn't feel outdated.

All images by Vesta

Cool undertones

We're seeing a lot of icy tones in fashion right now so we're likely to see that feed into the world of interiors too. Captivating shades of calm blues and purples, along with warmer hues of pink that delicately carry a cooler undertone are going to appear in colour palettes in 2024.

Myland's 'Soho Pink' captures the essence of 'cool undertones' beautifully.

All images by Vesta


With a touch of luxe, gold is making a resurgence in popularity. Whether layered through wallpapers, home accessories, or light fittings, touches of gold help to add warmth and create an elevated feel.

Gold comes in an array of palettes, including darkened brass and light bronzes, meaning it can be dynamic and suit different home styles, complementing a timeless space. Don't be afraid to mix metals and finishes, and you can source complementary hues to create unique features in your home.

This lamp from Heathfield & Co with its satin brass metalwork can create an effortlessly elegant feel to any interior space.

All images by Vesta

Decorative Lighting

We're likely to see lights and lamps being used as a decorative feature in their own right with the added benefit of being functional to create layers of lighting. Where we would normally see vases and objet d'art used as a focal point, we'll be seeing lamps with intriguing forms, patterns, and different materials.

Wall lights are likely to become more popular too - especially wall-mounted plug-in wall lights. They provide an easy and practical installation process that can bring multiple light levels into your space.

All images by Vesta


This trend once again makes it to our list. The importance of sustainability is only going to continue with recycled and repurposed materials continuing to be desirable.

Mixing new with old will always be in vogue and we must all continue to champion upcycling and extending the lifecycle of items wherever possible.

All images by Vesta

Simplicity meets comfort

A desire to have a space that is inviting, comfortable, and relaxing will overtake the desire for an overdecorated, polished look. We're likely to be seeing more pared-back and uncluttered spaces, giving a sense of space and calm.

We'll probably see this trend carried through into all aspects of interiors. For example, we're expecting to see seating have a more relaxed style in 2024 with refined looks combined with everyday practicality and comfort.

All images by Vesta


We've seen lots of design influence from the 1970s in recent years, with bold forms and rich, warm palettes being used. While this trend is likely to continue into 2024, we also expect to see other design eras such as the 90s and noughties being drawn on for inspiration too. There's plenty that should be left in these decades - rag roll walls and 'shabby chic' - but there will also be plenty of influences that can be used subtly.

Are there any interior trends you think will be popular this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts via Instagram @vestainteriordesign.


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