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Happy New Year all! We can't quite believe it's already 2020 but we are looking forward to many more exciting interior design projects and inspiration sharing ahead.

Towards the end of last year we put our heads together and had a think about what we predicted this year's interior design trends will be. We've gathered our thoughts below in a quick summary of 8 trend predictions;

1. Cobalt Blue

We have seen a lot of cobalt blue used across various design shows in 2019 and can see pops of this energetic and vibrant colour making its way into interiors in 2020. Whether it’s a statement chair, feature wall or artwork – watch this space.

2. Jewel colours

Think emerald greens, ruby reds and sapphire blues – the jewels are making a statement in 2020 and will be adding to the more playful use of colour we’re predicting.

3. Terrazzo

It’s been around for a little while now but it’s not going anywhere and we see this increasingly being featured not just as wall and flooring options but in homeware also. Terrazzo provides almost limitless options of colour and is extremely hard-wearing and sustainable too!

4. Soft curves

Softer and more elegant curves to furniture such as scallop edging and this can be reflected in abstract artwork and decorative accessories such as sculptures.

5. Sustainable and natural materials

Sustainability is big and another one that’s not going anywhere soon. We predict an increase in handcrafted elements and the use of lighter woods across furnishings and floorings. 

6. Bouclé

Bouclé is both a yarn and a fabric made from it. The yarn is made from a length of loops of similar size which can range from tiny circlets to large curls. We’ve seen this trend emerge in fashion with beautiful boucle coats this winter, and we predict it’s going to make a big impact in interiors. It’s a thick, warm and cosy material which will make for great cushions and throws.

7. Colour blocking

2020 is the year for playful colour! Yes, we will continue to see the use of feature walls but it’s all about colour blocking. We’re predicting more use of bold patterns, punchy and contrasting colours.

8. Emotive décor

In line with the sustainability trend, we predict interiors will further focus on wellbeing. Homes are a retreat from the outside world and whatever our style we will always want them to be our safe place. This ethos of wellbeing in the home will continue with more inviting interiors; it’s not just in the colours we use as these can be subjective but we’ll see it via more use of chunky & cosy fabrics, natural materials, plant life, artwork such as positive quotes, and curved shaping. After all, home really is where the heart is.

What do you predict we'll see more of in interiors this year?

Image sources:

Header image - Shutterstock

Cobalt blue - our own work

Jewel colours - our own work

Terrazzo - Shutterstock

Soft curves - our own work

Sustainable and natural materials - Shutterstock

Boucle - Pinterest, original source unknown

Colour blocking - our own work

Emotive dècor - Shutterstock


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