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When luxury property developers are looking to create a showhome, their briefs often include similar goals - a memorable, unique, and luxury look. Creating multiple projects that are truly unique can sometimes seem a difficult task at first, however, for our talented design team, each new development is an exciting challenge in exploring the unique development lifestyle, the location, and the target demographic, and creating a design that sparks the imagination of the potential buyers while ticking all the developer’s goals.

Our Approach to the Design Brief

We were asked to create an inspirational, memorable, and luxurious showhome at 8 Casson Square. The desired look needed to be elegant and classic, whilst also capturing the imagination of the creative professionals drawn to the area of London’s Southbank. Creating a showhome for a location with such a rich cultural and artistic scene, we wanted these influences to reflect in the final design.

We did this by introducing subtle geometric patterns in the form of soft curves and a scallop design juxtaposed with straight lines; as used in the second bedroom headboard and living room shelving unit, and we layered artisan materials and textures to reflect the textured concrete of the Royal Festival Hall. For example, opposite the desk area, we hung a series of six textured concrete framed panels of which the inspiration was taken directly from the Royal Festival Hall’s exterior.

Senior Interior Designer, Gemma Pope, said: “This was a way to bring the concrete architecture of the Southbank into the apartment in an elegant and sensitive way. What is perceived as a basic building material can create beautiful artwork.”

By drawing on the inspiration of the local area and its history, and most importantly the profile of the potential buyer or occupier, we were able to create something truly individual and personal.

The Final Showhome Design

With views of the London skyline, this showhome is nothing short of luxury and elegance. With its architecturally inspired organic curves, strong lines, and mid-century modern influences, it’s the perfect retreat within the city.

Our design was influenced by the local history and heritage and in particular the nearby Royal Festival Hall. We introduced subtle geometric patterns and textures, and mid-century modern styles popular in the 1950s. Our design team used a tonal jewel colour palette of jade, amber, and amethyst mauve combined with soft neutrals this was inspired by the original events programme of the Festival of Britain, which took place in 1951.

In 1951 the area hosted the Festival of Britain; a celebration of peace and modernity and the official opening of the acclaimed Royal Festival Hall. At the time concrete was a new and exciting material that allowed the boundaries of architecture to be pushed and new shapes and textures to be created. Architect, Hugh Casson, was an organiser of the festival, giving 8 Casson Square its name.

Today, the Southbank continues to be London’s cultural and creative centre and boasts some of the capital’s best-renowned theatres, galleries, and architecture, including the National Theatre, the Southbank Centre, and the London Eye.

The Living Room

While the living room space was small, it offered amazing views of the iconic London skyline. Therefore, our aim was to maximise the space through carefully selected pieces of furniture while highlighting the stunning sights.

The elegant curved sofa upholstered in Zimmer and Rohde fabric called ‘Spirit’ and featuring polished brass trim is the focal point in the room. Spherical cushions in both matching and green velvet fabrics are a beautiful nod to mid-century modern influence while reflecting the organic curves used throughout the space.

We made use of the space behind the sofa with a bespoke curved shelving unit to maximise storage space and continue the round lines of the statement sofa and ottoman.

In order to maximise the small living area, we designed bespoke joinery to house the TV. The unit was finished in a taupe lacquer with insets in a stone textured vinyl and a brass inlay to elevate the unit.

The Dining Room

For a touch of luxury in the dining area, we paired an Emperador marble table with jade green velvet armchairs; these have a bold monochrome pattern to reflect the design influence from the local area and its history. Above the table, to create an intimate dining experience, we added a brass pendant light.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, our design team combined rich textures and materials including a suede bed surrounded with brass detailing. A subtle textured patterned wallpaper and velvet cushions reflect the tour tonal jewel colour palette used throughout the showhome.

The headboard wall was custom made for the apartment to create a feeling of staying in a luxury hotel. Large mirrors used on either side of the room optically enlarge the space while the high gloss bedside tables sit neatly below with faceted brass lamps. Vertical brass trim further echoes the shapes and forms used throughout the whole apartment.

In order to contrast with the white bedside tables, we placed a dark wenge dressing table in the protruding window. This is then balanced with the green velvet scallop chair that matches the wallpaper and is dressed in luxe accessories such as perfume and jewellery to appeal to the target audience.

"My favourite feature is the master bedroom headboard; the mix of creativity and opulence really puts a modern spin on a timeless look." James Moulton-Smith, Sales Director, Mountain Capital

Second Bedroom

In the guest bedroom, the wall-length asymmetrical headboard is the focal point of the room. It was created from panels with a large scalloped top and upholstered in mauve velvet with contrasting charcoal piping.

“We asked Vesta to create a showhome that was the epitome of international luxury and elegance and would appeal to discerning individuals around the world that want to live in the heart of London. The highest form of recognition for the showhome is being asked to recreate the look and we’ve had two buyers request this for their new homes. We pride ourselves on offering apartments of the highest quality and with the help of Vesta’s vision and execution we have been able to achieve just that.” James Moulton-Smith Sales Director, Mountain Capital

We believe people and how they live are at the core of interior design. Only by understanding how people live, their passions, and their inspirations can we create the perfect home or space.

When working with developers, our aim is to understand our client's vision and target market. This is the first step in the process of creating a unique and exceptionally captivating showhome that reflects both the aspirations of a property development and inspiration from the local area.

Our talented team of interior designers creates a perfect balance between functional and beautiful while styling showhomes in a way that allows buyers to fully envision their life within the walls - from carefully chosen furniture pieces, meticulously curated accessories to the indulgent, atmospheric scents.

To see more of our luxury showhome projects, visit our Projects page or follow us on Instagram @vestainteriordesign.

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