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Colour trends play a big part in how we dress and decorate our homes. We use colour to reflect our personalities, our moods, and how we even use our homes.

Following on from our recent ‘Interior trends for 2021 blog’ we’ve taken a look at the latest predicted colour trends for 2021 with insight direct from our team of designers.


We can’t talk about colour trends without mentioning Dulux’s Colour of the Year; Brave Ground. It’s a warm, neutral, versatile colour that immediately connects us to nature and calm.

Image © Dulux

Our Lead Interior Designer, Alice, says: “It’s a great colour to use as a base tone throughout the home and can be mixed with an earthy palette such as tans, charcoals, and stone.

Images © Dulux

“It will sit well with soft pinks for a really tranquil feel and can also be combined with more striking colours to create a strong contrast. This makes it a great colour that appeals to the masses as it’s easy to layer with different colour palettes, from minimalist décor choices to the more maximalist and bold tastes.”

Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball has identified an empowering palette of blues, greens, reds, and earthy tones as its colour predictions for 2021.

As ever, blue is a popular and familiar choice for our homes and is often used to create a tranquil, serene feeling. Farrow and Ball has identified its colours Stiffkey Blue, Ultra Marine Blue, Pitch Blue and Scotch Blue to be versatile choices for this year.

Our Senior Interior Designer, Gemma, says:

“These highly pigmented blues with dark inky tones are very versatile and work in almost every room of the home.

“Scotch Blue kitchen cupboards offer a smart on-trend kitchen and look great with white marble worktops. Stiffkey Blue provides a strong feature wall in either a living room or bedroom and offers the most stylish statement when combined with oaks and white marble.”

Image © Farrow and Ball, Stiffkey Blue

For some more blue inspiration check out the bedroom in our Kensington Row project.

Similarly, green is always a firm favourite that people use to bring the soothing feeling of the outdoors into their home. Green tones connect us to nature and encourage a sense of calm, and Farrow and Ball has chosen its colours Sap Green, Green Smoke and Treron as the colours to try in 2021.

Image © Farrow and Ball, Sap Green

Farrow and Ball has also recognised the need for warm tones such as Preference Red, Deep Reddish Brown and Tanner’s Brown. As we’ve all had to adapt our lives over the last year, home has become more important than ever and we want to create spaces we can feel safe. As Joa Studholme, Colour Curator at Farrow and Ball, says: “Luxurious colours… can be added to the most neutral of palettes by using them in rooms we use at the end of the day when we most want to relax and be comforted.

Gemma goes on to say: “Preference Red is a sophisticated way to bring red into the home. It looks most elegant when teamed with warm woods and black furniture and joinery.

And finally, earthy colours such as Jitney, Dead Salmon and India Yellow, again inspired by the outdoors and nature, have been recommended by Farrow and Ball to add personality and elegance to our homes. Similar to Dulux’s Brave Ground, these colours provide a great base colour that can be layered with other colours.

Image © Farrow and Ball, Dead Salmon

Gemma says: “Despite its name, Dead Salmon provides a sense of serenity and romance that works seamlessly with character features of an older home and offering a versatile backdrop in a new build home.”


Pantone has given us a selection of palettes to be inspired by this year, including its Spring/Summer 2021 Power Surge Colour Palette. This offers pink tones combined with vibrant bright hues, vivid contrasting colours, and touches of glamour.

Its Intoxicating Colour Palette is made up of a vibrant yellow, a sweet lavender, a fragrant pink, and cool green and crisp aqua. An off-white finishes the look and adds freshness.

And finally, the Pantone Summer Bouquet Colour Palette uses soft blush tones, combined with bright pinks and soft green to create a fresh summer palette that celebrates the positivity and happiness of colours from nature; something we all need this year.

Our Interior Designer, Rebecca, says: “These cloudy energetic colours are a great way to awaken your home to spring and summer and add colour to it without going too bold.
“I can visualise these colours being used in an English country house with an elective use of artwork, fabric, lampshades, and accessories.”

We love the Pantone Pink Suede which makes us think of these gorgeous pinks used in our private residence project, Madeira Tower.

And a colour we’re seeing come through from the fashion world is A.I Aqua - a neo mint hue predicted by WGSN, who says this colour is ‘pinpointing the digital and cultural shifts that will lead to an interest in colours that have a digital aesthetic’.

Which colours do you think you’ll be using in your home this year? Let us know via @vestainteriordesign.

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