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In an effort to continue spreading positivity and inspiration we’ve put together some tips from the team on how they create their work from home spaces, including how they structure their day and what they recommend making part of your routine.

1. Space

Finding a suitable space to work is probably one of the most important and obvious factors when working from home. Just because you’re not going to the office doesn’t mean you can’t create your own. Try dedicating a specific room or surface in your home to work from - this will help your state of mind and create a boundary between your work life and home life.

If you don’t have a room you can dedicate working from, we recommend zoning off an area of a spare bedroom or living room – somewhere you can walk away from at the end of the day. Whether you’re in a flat share, at home with the kids or are suddenly faced with being with your other half 24/7, finding a spot without any distractions is also crucial. We recommend sitting somewhere you won’t get interrupted and where you can focus.

If you have the space, mixing up where you work from can help too – especially if you have different tasks to do. It also helps with boredom and stops that feeling of being stuck in the same place for days on end.

Marketing Manager at Vesta, Lily, says: “I sometimes switch from working downstairs at the kitchen table where there is more natural light, to the upstairs study, which is zoned off more – great for when I really need to knuckle down into a big project or write content.”

2. Start your day right

It’s very tempting to just crawl out of bed and flop straight onto the sofa, but by getting showered, dressed and having a good breakfast means you’re far more likely to be ready for the day ahead.

We’re not saying you’ve got to put your favourite dress on (although you can if you want) – whether you’re rocking the loungewear or dressing in bright and bold colours just getting out of your PJ’s is enough!

3. Add some personal touches

Just because it may be temporary doesn’t mean you can’t add some of your favourite things to your new work area.

Surrounding yourself with things you love, such as photos of friends and family, artwork or plants are great ways of feeling comfortable and keeping motivated.

Alice's sunny space and fabric samples

Senior Interior Designer at Vesta, Alice, says: “When I’m at home working on a project it really helps me to have enough different samples around to keep me inspired.”

Lily's plant life and magazines for inspiration

Lily, says: “I love to surround myself with flowers or house plants as well as some of the latest interior magazines for inspiration and swoon-worthy photos.”

4. Getting and staying organised

Once you’ve got your dedicated workspace and your day planned, staying organised is key.

Marketing and Comms Executive at Vesta, Georgina, says: “For most of my working day I need an entirely clutter-free space. I can’t work with stuff everywhere and am a big believer in an organised space equals an organised mind, so lots of storage is key for me.

Georgina's organised space Samuel's WFH set up

Lily also adds: “I love a list! I always start the day making a new list and finish the day by defining priorities for the next.”

Samuel, Sales Director at Vesta, says: “At the start of each day I set myself five daily targets and then review them at the end of each day. It’s a great way to review your successes.”

5. Take a break

Learning to work from home can be quite an adjustment. You’ll likely start work earlier and finish later because you don’t have to commute, but it’s very important to get away from your desk too. Taking a break will help concentration and improve your creativity.

Samuel says, “It’s important to take regular breaks. I always make sure I have lunch and eat something healthy.”
Interior Designer, Gemma, says, “Doing a pre-work or lunchtime workout is a great way to keep you focused. I love to go for a walk outside or do a HIIT workout.”

And it doesn’t have to be a structured workout you do, as Alice says, “Make the most of having no commute by spending the time on your favourite hobby or dancing around your home!”

Of course, working from home for everyone is different but we hope these tips from the team inspire you to think about your home working space and your routine.

For more inspiration follow us on Instagram: @vestainteriordesign and @investalondon.

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Alice getting her exercise in her favourite colours

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