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Whether you’ve got too much of it – or too little of it – it’s important to make the most of the space you live in. With a small space, it can be easy to feel cluttered and overwhelmed whereas in a large space you can find it difficult to fill, which gives a feeling of emptiness.

1. Zoning – Defining zones with colour

This is a great way to create feature points, as well as zoning areas, in a room. For example; if you have a living room that is also used as a study, block colour patterns can divide the space into two areas.

The same goes for larger open-plan spaces. You can define areas in a room by using different colours for each section. By using a neutral colour for a kitchen and dining area that feeds into a warmer, bolder colour choice in the living area this immediately creates a feeling of a divide between the two.

It’s also a great idea if you love to change your look every few years. You can choose to use the walls as your canvas for changing every so often and keep your furniture neutral.

2. Dual-purpose furniture

(Images sourced from Pinterest)

This speaks for itself – having furniture that doubles up as storage is a no-brainer for smaller spaces. You can find an array of dual-purpose furniture whether it be a bed, window seat, bench, ottoman, or sofa.

3. Introduce radial balance

Simply put, radial balance is a circular shape with design extending from the centre. When it comes to interior design this means having items arranged around a centre point. This is a great way to focus the eye on a particular area in a room.

4. Reflective Surfaces

Using reflective surfaces and mirrors can immediately make a room feel larger and lighter.

5. Creative Lighting

With smaller rooms, you don’t want to take up much floor space. Being creative with lampshades and considering one statement floor lamp, or side table lamp can allow for creating a nice ambience. Wall lighting is also great for restricted floor space and you can play around with exposed bulbs if you’re after a nice industrial look.

With larger spaces, you have the luxury of floor space but you don’t want to go overboard on floor lamps. Think about introducing some large statement light shades that will allow for the right amount of light you need for your space.

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