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Joining our interior design team a few months ago, Tori brings with her a background in rental and home staging through to interior design. Some of her work in the showhome market includes an installation at The Makers in Shoreditch for Londonewcastle and most recently at Jazz Yard for INVESTA.

We caught up with Tori to chat about what led her to be a designer, what inspires her creations, and to find out a little more about her recent travels.

Tell us a bit about your background in design…

When I was at school, art and psychology were my favourite subjects so when it came to deciding what I wanted to focus on at university it was a tough decision. In the end, I opted for psychology. During my time studying at the University of Sussex in Brighton, I knew psychology wasn’t going to be a career for me. Hence, in my final year at Uni, I decided to enroll in an online course with the British College of Interior. I’d always been captivated by creative interiors in homes and public spaces so instead was drawn to pursue this as a career instead.

Psychology plays an important role in my work and the thought processes I put into my designs.

Once I graduated, I secured my first full-time role as a property stylist focussing on home staging. I stayed in this role for three and a half years and gained invaluable experience. Milc Interiors then offered me my first role as an Interior Designer working on a range of bespoke design projects.

I’ve since been lucky enough to work on some very exciting London showhome apartments as well as some fantastic private residences. Currently, I’m working on a project in Hove near Brighton with Vesta and it’s incredibly special to be back working where it all began.

How would you describe your personal design style?

Broadly speaking I’d say I always aim for balance with intrigue. I tend to lean towards tones inspired by our natural environment as for me this provides a sense of harmony. I like to combine this with striking patterns and an industrial edge. My designs are often rich in decorative detail and objets d’art. I like to draw inspiration from lots of different periods and styles to create intuitive interiors.

Tori styling INVESTA's Beckton Parkside project

What's your favourite thing about being an interior designer?

Firstly, I love knowing that I’m contributing to the creation of an environment for a client. I enjoy creating spaces that can shape emotion, behaviour, and mental health in a positive way. I’m a big believer in the idea that your home can influence your psychological wellbeing and change your day-to-day life for the better.

When designing for showhomes, I love creating a narrative showcasing the local area and its businesses and building a lifestyle that potential buyers or renters might aspire to.

Ultimately, I want to engage our audience as soon as they enter a property, and I want them to leave with a lasting impression because of how the interiors made them feel.

And, when working with private clients, I like the journey and process we go on together so I can understand how they like to live in and enjoy their homes. I want to create an environment that is so unique to them that it's everything they imagined and more. Building a strong rapport is key to understanding a client's vision and I really enjoy that collaborative process.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

It’s normally an amalgamation of influences from the locality and the historical context to the changing trends and social cues. I often find colour and concept inspiration from new places both near home and abroad, such as hotels, restaurants, events, and galleries.

And what's been your favourite Vesta or INVESTA project so far?

My favourite INVESTA project is Jazz Yard. It was such a loud and punchy showhome design that combined natural raw materials with a striking industrial edge. I could talk for hours about the inspiration for this scheme, how I created the design narrative, paid homage to the local area, and how every piece has a purpose; from the vibrant neon wall sign to the William Morris Strawberry Thief cushions.

Jazz Yard for INVESTA

And, finally, anything that has recently inspired you?

I recently visited Florence and was so inspired by its renowned Renaissance art, architecture, and traditional artisans. The Italian food and Aperol Spritz’s weren’t so bad either!

Tori's photos of her trip to Italy

To see more of Tori's work follow us on @vestainteriordesign and @investalondon.

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