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How to avoid your Christmas decorations clashing with your carefully curated interior schemes

House Beautiful UK, Dec 11 2019

We all like our homes to look good at Christmas but if you’ve spent all year carefully curating your interior style, what happens when jazzy baubles and dazzling fairy lights enter the mix? For more on this article, head to House Beautiful.

• Natural foliage – Lily Hitchcock of Vesta, loves pale eucalyptus for its colour and scent – and textures help a scheme feel warm and embracing. She says her failsafe is 'to go rustic – this uses a lot of natural resources like pine cones, oranges, cinnamon sticks and blends beautifully with other colour palettes'. Alix adds atmosphere by hanging pine cones, walnuts and tiny silver bells across the backs of doors using twine or velvet ribbon.

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