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  • Lily Hitchcock


The Sunday Times Home, Sunday 15th December

North facing rooms have less natural light in the day time so you should embrace the dark side and go with deep and rich hues. Trying to lighten the room with a softer shade can often provide an unwanted dingy grey tone and won’t always get you the results you want.

Darker, rich colours provide a cosy and cocooning atmosphere and can be brightened with pops of colour in accessories and layered lighting. Suggested colours: Antiquary by Zoffany, Red Velvet by Designers Guild and Dock Blue by Little Greene.

South facing rooms have lots of warm light, so you want to be using soft tones to maximise the feeling of light and space. If you’re after a really crisp and fresh look for your south facing room, a good tip is to paint woodwork bright white. This can really uplift your room. Suggested colours: Pavillion Blue by Farrow & Ball, Leaden Pink by Designers Guild and Celestial Blue by Little Greene

East and Western rooms are slightly more forgiving of your preferred colour choices. Western rooms will have more light in the late afternoon, looking cooler in the morning and warmer later in the day. Whereas Eastern rooms are the opposite. You can play off this with you colour choices and tones byvarying neutral shades on your walls and adding strong accent colours through feature walls and/or accessories.

You can get really creative with rooms like this and create a balance of light and dark, rich and soft. Suggested neutral shades: Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball, Slaked Lime by Little Greene and Quarter Quartz Grey by Zoffany. Suggested accent colours: Air Force Blue by Little Greene, Vermeer Yellow by Zoffany or Madame Butterfly by Designers Guild.

Gemma Roberts, Senior Interior Designer, Vesta


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