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Queen of clothing organisation ‘The Wardrobe Boss’ gives us her top 5 tips on getting your wardrobe swoon-worthy.

Whilst keeping your home decluttered and organised has always been important, it’s become something of a necessity since the break of Covid-19 with the majority of us being housebound and needing to make our homes a stress-free sanctuary.

In our recent blog 5 steps to a healthy & happy home we included ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ within our top 5 steps, with investing in decent storage solutions as a major tip. We also are firm believers in making your house a home by injecting personality, creativity and calmness – and your bedroom is one of the most important rooms for that.

We’ve been speaking to the queen of de-cluttering and wardrobe styling, Gabriella Simioni aka The Wardrobe Boss to bring you some top tips on making your bedroom/dressing room the stress free zone it should be.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you started Wardrobe Boss?

I have always been recognised for having a perfectly organised home, especially my wardrobe. Being the eldest of four sisters I have always taken charge of making sure my sister's wardrobes were immaculate.

After many years of familiarising myself within the fashion industry and attending various fashion week shows, I strongly believe that the clothing you wear reflects your personality, it is a way to show others who you are and the style you inhabit.

I have ultimately created Wardrobe Boss to help streamline people's style, develop their own individuality and eliminate stress.

“A love for organization, colour coordination & simplicity”

What are your top 5 tips for people to start bossing their wardrobes?

1. Colour Coordinate

Make sure your wardrobe is colour coordinated. Start with light colours, whites/pastels and then move onto darks. Not only will your wardrobe look tidy & organised, it will also be pleasing to the eye and will allow your outfit choices to be a lot easier.

2. Slimline velvet hangers

Not only do they create more space in your wardrobe, they also stop items of clothing slipping off. Keep wooden hangers for heavier items such as coats & also structured jackets/blazers so that their shape is kept.

See image sources below

3. Seasonal change-over

From spring/summer to winter - if you have a separate wardrobe or under the bed storage always try to separate your wardrobes depending on what season we are in. Winter clothing takes up a lot of space & you will not be wearing your coats or jumpers on a hot summer's day.

4. Storage dividers for draws/shelving

Storage dividers will have your draws looking & feeling nice & tidy. You will be able to separate your white to black socks, along with any gym wear.

See image sources below

5. Section your wardrobe

If you section your wardrobe not only would this allow it to be organised, but when choosing an outfit, it will allow you to know where everything is.

What would your dream wardrobe look like?

What a dream question! I would love an open-plan walk-in wardrobe with more than enough storage space for my shoes, handbags and accessories. There would be glass doors attached to my wardrobe with gorgeous crystal door handles, allowing me to see all my beautiful clothes.

I would love an enormous full-length mirror so I can pick and choose various outfits and not have to go to a different room to see how I look - with that, I would pair my mirror with incredible spotlights covering my entire walk-in wardrobe/room. I’d place a pouffe in the centre of my room so I can throw items of clothing on it when I’m in a rush and unsure what to wear (we’ve all been there!). And, of course, all my items would be sectioned accordingly, colour coordinated and easily accessible!

Happy organising!

You can follow Wardrobe Boss for more expert tips and tricks on Instagram and Youtube.

Image sources for hangers:

Image sources for storage:

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