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  • Lily Hitchcock


We’re all living through some unsettling times at the moment, in light of COVID-19, and with us spending a lot more time at home than usual it presents the opportunity to make the most of our homes and create a healthy and happy environment.

We wanted to bring some positivity into the world with some top tips on how to make a happy, relaxing, creative or inspiring (whatever atmosphere you’re looking for) space at home – and all without leaving it!

1. Bring the outdoors in

Plants are great for your wellbeing. They bring life into your home, help purify the air you breathe, and generally help put you in a better mood.

They’re also a cheap and effective way of adding some colour and texture. Nothing relaxes you more than getting outside for fresh air and introducing greenery into a space can create that feeling of escapism and relaxation.

Top Tip: If you’re unable to get lots of new plants in, or they simply just aren’t your thing, heading out into your garden to forage for a pretty posy of flowers can add a lovely pop of colour to a room.

2. Tidy room, tidy mind

Your home may currently be fuller and more chaotic than normal. Your children may be home from school, plus you and/or your partner are now working from home and with this you start to notice the clutter more. Studies* have proven that clutter can increase stress and so taking some time to put the paperwork away, organise the ‘man drawer’ and practise a little Marie Kondo* can do wonders.

Top Tip: Invest in some decent storage solutions like wire or wicker baskets, magazine racks and paper trays. And if you’re short on space then have a look at some wall-mounted options such as hooks and shelving.

3. Get arty

Adding or updating artwork is a great way to transform a room or space and give it that new look it might need.

There’s a range of easily available downloadable prints you can print yourself at home from various online retailers or you can order to home ready printed and even framed for you. When it comes to selecting your art, go with what makes you happy. For example, you can choose neutral shades with soft curved shaping or images of the outdoors – such as beaches, or forests - to create a relaxing atmosphere, and for something a little more dramatic go bolder in colour and think more abstract.

Top Tip: Try creating a gallery wall by using various frames in different materials and sizes. This can become a beautiful feature in any room. For example; for a creative and inspiring study, team together some inspirational quotes, your favourite family or holiday snaps and colourful, abstract artwork.

4. A lick of paint

With this time at home, it may be giving you the option to re-paint a room you’ve been waiting to update for years – or perhaps you’ve just decided you want to add a creative feature wall to your living room. Whether you’re looking to add a little pop of colour or tone things down we love a bit of colour blocking.

Top Tip: You can use paint to help create zones in rooms. This can be really useful if you need to create a ‘work from home’ area in a spare bedroom: for example, ‘zoning’ the walls with colour can help separate one use of the room, from the other. Try painting a bold and bright colour in a square on the wall where your desk sits, leaving the rest of the room white or another complimentary shade.

5. Give yourself a project without breaking the bank

Sometimes, having a project to keep you busy can help pass the time and keep your mind of any of the worries in the world. When it comes to interiors there are endless amounts of projects you can give yourself that don’t have to be expensive either.

You can look to upcycle that table you’ve had for years with a fresh coat of paint or have a go at reupholstering an old armchair; not only is this a great budget option, it’s also great for the environment. If you're kitchen cupboards are looking a little tired, it doesn't mean you need a new kitchen - you can look to give the cupboards a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some new stylish handles. A little can go a long way.

Even if some of that isn’t your thing and / or you have young children at home with you and so the thought of re-painting anything leaves you with visions of little one's hand prints all over your nice floors (shudder), then try giving yourself little tasks like re-arranging and re-organising decorative items on shelves. And simply just switching up your cushion covers with new colours and fabrics can make all the difference.

We hope this has left with you a little inspiration whilst you're at home - whether you're going to re-decorate an entire room, or just spruce up some shelving with your favourite photos, accessories and botanicals every touch can make all the difference.

Happy home, happy you!



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