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#ChristmasWithVesta is back and as always, we’re embracing all the festivities and fun Christmas brings. Over on Instagram, we’ve been sharing lots of beautiful interior inspo and décor tips from our design team, so we wanted to share that, plus a little more Christmas magic in this round-up blog too!

To begin, our Senior Interior Designer, Ashley, shares her seasonal styling choices…

Ashley: Modern and minimalistic

©️ Neptune

What are your favourite Christmas interiors?

“I love organic tones and natural materials with a touch of playful elements. Being more minimal at Christmas works best for me because I have limited space in my flat to store Christmas decorations, so I try not to buy anything that’s bulky and instead opt for key decorations like rich green, faux cedar garland, warm fairy lights, and tapered candles.

“I adore adding extra lights at Christmas time. Think fairy lights and more candles on display to bring a warm cosy feel that also feels magical.

The best thing about lighting is that you can make a big impact on your current Christmas decorations by adding an extra layer of lights. For instance, the greenery that wraps around a staircase looks instantly better with some fairy lights.

“Tapered candles in candle holders also add another layer of warm yellow glow. It’s always best to use varying heights; this can be achieved through the right candle holder."

©️ Jenna Sue Design

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

“The only thing I consistently do every year is making a spiced and warming mulled wine. When cooking on the stove, I love the aroma the ingredients create that fills the house."

What do you love most about Christmas?

“I love the atmosphere the season brings and seeing close friends and family more.”

Describe your dream Christmas Day...

“I would rent a large house and host a big Christmas Day with mine and my partner’s families. The house would have an open fireplace with a mantle and minimal homely furniture pieces - perfect for decorating! I would have to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas too – it’s my favourite holiday film!"

Do you make any Christmas crafts?

“I enjoy crafting with paper and making Christmas stars especially. Not only is it fun to recycle fancy papers, gift wrap, and old Christmas cards from the previous year, but it’s also better for the bank balance. I love creating celestial objects like stars and the moon, there’s something magical about them."

©️ My Scandinavian Home & Nordic Nest


Freya: Eclectic and maximalist

How would you describe your Christmas interior style?

"The more the merrier!"

©️ Kindred Lifestyle, Hallstrom Home, Half Baked Harvest

What are your favourite Christmas decorations?

"I’ve collected different baubles from across the world so when they make their annual appearance it’s a nice reminder of the places I’ve visited.

Freya's Christmas fairy

"I also have a vintage fairy that has been passed onto me that sits on the top of the tree. She was my mum's as a child and was made by her childhood neighbour.

We're not getting any Annabelle vibes from this at all, thanks Freya!

"I’m a big fan of foliage wreaths with foraged pieces from outside – think pine cones and berries with some pampas grass."

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

"Watching The Grinch on Christmas Eve, Mulled Wine, and trying and failing(!) to ice skate somewhere!"

What do you love most about Christmas?

"Just time to really rest and chill out. I’ve got a huge family so it’s always nice to catch up."

What are your favourite Christmas crafts?

Every year I try to make a homemade door wreath. I then try and tie the look and fresh foliage into my tablescape."

©️ Julie Cook Flowers, Janne Ford, Get Boxed Flowers


Tori: Cosy and atmospheric

©️ Thatch Living

How would you describe your interior style at Christmas?

"I’d say my Christmas style is quite minimalist, but I always try to make our living space feel cosy and inviting as the days get shorter and the evenings get colder. I like to put up fairy lights for a warm glow and light more earthy-scented candles for a festive feeling.

"My Christmas tree tends to be decorated with an eclectic mix of decorations. I’m definitely not one for a themed tree of changing decorations yearly!"

What are your favourite Christmas decorations?

"For the last few years, I’ve made wreaths at Christmas time, and they’ve got to be my favourite decoration."

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

"There are no Pigs in Blankets in our house, instead, we have Devils on Horseback; prunes soaked in Worcester Sauce overnight, wrapped in bacon, and cooked. They’re a daily requirement from Christmas Eve through ‘til New Year.

Tori's 'Devils on Horseback'

"My friends and I will also always be found at our local pub on Christmas Eve. It’s always so nice to all be back together where we grew up."

What do you love most about Christmas?

"It gives you time to spend with loved ones, and it’s a time to slow down the normal chaotic pace of life."

Describe your dream Christmas Day…

"My dream Christmas Day would be spent skiing. I’ve been lucky enough to do this with my family – sitting at the top of a snowy mountain with a mulled wine hand was just the best!"

What are your favourite Christmas crafts?

"Making wreaths is my favourite festive activity – I love creating something unique every year and there’s something special about the smell of fresh fir."

©️ Delta Breezes, Pinterest, Seeking Lavender Lane


Erin: Classic and rustic

How would you describe your Christmas interior style?

"I love classic reds, greens, and whites. However, I love to make my own decorations. I find a lot of inspiration from social media and Pinterest and love rustic handmade pieces that feature raw organic materials like hessian."

©️ Momooze, Maison de Cinq, Home Talk

What are your favourite decorations?

"My favourite Christmas decorations are handmade natural wreaths. I put them on my front door and create centre pieces on the dinner table or island with a candle in the middle."

©️ Cate St Hill

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

"I used to figure skate as a child, so I always like to go ice skating around this time of year with friends and family.

"Every Christmas my family all go to my grandparents too. There are 18 of us in total - I’m the eldest grandchild - so there's a lot of comforting madness in the house with all the children playing together with their new gifts. We join many tables together and all tuck into a lovely Christmas dinner."

Describe your dream Christmas Day...

"I would love to spend it in New York. I'd go ice skating in Central Park and visit all the department stores and Christmas markets. I have visited New York before when it was snowing and it was beautiful, so I would love a white Christmas there."

What are your favourite Christmas crafts?

"I love to make new place settings each year. Whether this being pine cones with little name tags or little homemade paper elves with my family's faces on."

©️ LivingEtc, Weranna's, Jolly Growing

If you've enjoyed our Christmas round-up from our design team, head over to Instagram where we're sharing lots more via @vestainteriordesign and #ChristmasWithVesta. We'd love to hear about your favourite decorations!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to wish our clients, suppliers, followers, friends, and colleagues a very Merry Christmas. Your continued support means the world to us and we can't thank you enough.

We hope you have a magical time celebrating with your loved ones and enjoy time at home, or wherever you may be this year.

Our offices will be closed from the end of Friday 23rd December and will be reopening on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

See you next year. Love Vesta x


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