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With those cold nights and dark mornings rolling in, there's nothing better than having a cosy bed to snuggle in with a hot cup of tea. What better way to remedy those cold, winter blues than to have a look at some of our favourite bed headboards?

We've hand-picked a selection from our projects covering the sophisticated and simple, to the quirky and colourful:

Bold and beautiful

Project: The Picture House

Bold colours and rich fabrics make for a beautiful statement piece. If you prefer a neutral paint colour, this is a great way to add warmth and inject colour to a room.

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They even work against patterned wallpaper.


Delicate and detailed

Project: Explorer's Wharf

You can pick from a variety of stunning fabrics to cover your headboard: from the bold and dramatic, to the more minimalist and neutral.

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Simple and sophisticated

If you like to change your decor fairly often, and don't want to be changing your furniture along with it, it can be a good idea to keep your feature headboard simple.

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Picking a neutral colour such as a soft grey can mean whatever mood you're in when it comes to bedroom decor, your headboard is sure to tie in perfectly.


Fun and quirky

Now, as if a headboard wasn't enough of a statement, you can go the extra mile and source something really unique.

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You can even make the whole wall part of the feature.


Comfort and texture

To add that extra feeling of comfort and cosiness, you can get panelled and textured headboards. These become a feature in themselves as they physically and literally stand out from the wall.

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You can find more examples of beautiful bedrooms and much more in our project portfolio pages. Be sure to visit our sister company site, Investa, for even more inspiration.


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