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  • Lily Hitchcock


It's the most wonderful time of the year! A time for giving, a time for getting, but most importantly a time for decorating.

Christmas brings the best of all excuses to add a little sparkle and joy to your home and in this blog we speak to our interior designers to find out what their individual festive style is.

The Ashley

We're calling this look 'Country Spice' - no it's not a new spice girl, it's a heart warming combination of burnt orange tones and rustic charm.

Think deep velvets, ambient lighting, warm tones of oranges, golds and greens - we can practically smell the orange and cinnamon!

My favourite colours to use are deep earthy tones such as reds, greens and rusts and I love bringing the great outdoors into the home with foliage and other natural materials.
I love this look because it's cosy, rich and inviting. I can really picture myself surrounded by these beautiful warm rustic colours and hand-made decorations whilst enjoying a hot chocolate by the fire. My favourite thing about Christmas has to be spending time with the family, drinking mulled wine and going on relaxing woodland walks.
Ashley, Interior Designer, Vesta

The Alice

Here's to the celebrators of colour! We call this one the 'Colourful and Crafty' Christmas. Get your Nanna's knitting, bring out the tinsel and get ready to spark joy.

This look is a festival of colour, with a beautiful mix of textures and materials including paper pom-poms, woollen tassels, shimmering sequins and all that's in-between. It's impossible not to party when your house looks this exciting!

I love the colour and vibrancy! It's joyful, fun and contemporary with an elegance to it - everything you want Christmas to be.
My favourite thing about Christmas is how it brings all your family and friends together, and it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen them.
Alice, Senior Interior Designer, Vesta


The Gemma

Aka the 'Nordic Noel'; minimalist and monochrome this style oozes Scandi design.

Monochrome works beautifully for a cool and simplistic interior. The foliage, pine cones, eucalyptus and woods add texture and colour as well as a nod to the sense of wellbeing that Scandi design encompasses. We love the hanging wire stars and greenery!

I love the calmness and simplicity of the Nordic style and how this marries so well with Christmas. Sparkles of silvers and golds, with the warm glow of candles and fairy lights give a cosy and inviting atmosphere.
My favourite things about Christmas are choosing and then decorating a real tree, heading back to the west country to spend time with family and friends and all the sweet treats like mince pies, gingerbread and chocolates!
Gemma, Senior Interior Designer, Vesta

Merry Christmas all!


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