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We’ve been gifted our usual mixed bag of British weather so far, from heatwaves to downpours all within a few months. As with the summer, the outdoor living trend is truly in its peak and with lockdown causing a lot of us to staycation this year we’ve taken some time to look at some of our favourite outdoor inspiration and put together our top tips on how to style even the smallest of spaces.

Whether you have a balcony, rooftop, courtyard or 50 acres (if you do please can we borrow some?), you can style your outdoor space just like you do your indoor space; to reflect you and your personality, create the right atmosphere and be a space you love to be in.

1. Furniture

Outdoor sofas are perfect if you want to create an extension to your living room and are the ideal spot to socialise with friends – at a distance of course! You can opt for a corner unit depending on the shape and space you have or go for a smaller bistro style set with some statement chairs.

Deck chairs can also be a great choice if you’re limited on space as you can fold them up and tuck them away when not in use, but are perfect extra seating when guests arrive. You can also find really beautiful designs to match your external décor.

In-built is also an option and can be great if you have small space to work with, try creating a bench within a corner which doubles as a planter - you can even create storage within this.

2. A touch of colour

Introduce even more colour to your outdoors by painting walls, fences and even floors!

Tip: paint your outdoor area in one cohesive colour to create the illusion of space.

3. Soft furnishings

Whether you love natural earthy tones or tropical brights, adding colourful soft furnishings will instantly add personality to your garden. Cushions and throws add pattern and texture, as well as some additional comfort. They’re also perfect for those summer evenings when you need a little extra warmth!

Floor cushions and poufs are hot at the moment too – they create a fun and relaxed feeling, whilst also doubling up as additional seating. These are particularly great if you again are limited on space and don’t want bulky chairs permanently in place. Children love them too!

An outdoor rug is a summer essential this year, with so many different styles from monochrome to Moroccan; not only do they add colour and texture to a space but they add colour and pattern too, and come in all shapes and sizes.

4. Lighting and heating

Lighting instantly creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and allows you to enjoy your garden long after the sun has gone down. There are so many options including fairy lights, hurricane lanterns and festoon lights – and you don’t even need an outdoor socket as so many are solar powered too.

And for you tech fans you can even find outdoor lighting which doubles as a speaker so you can really set the mood.

To add further warmth to those summer nights you can add a fire pit or chimnea – there are an array of gorgeous contemporary or rustic styles depending on the look you want to achieve.

5. Accessories & space saving tricks

Wall mounted pots & statement planters:

If you don’t have the room for large and luscious flower beds you can use beautiful statement plant pots to add greenery and colour to your outdoor space.

Tip: choose pots with and without stands to add height and different levels, it can make an area look more spacious
Tip 2: try wall mounting plant pots to add more colour and texture without taking up any floorspace


It may seem odd to consider having a mirror in your garden but this can add the feeling of space and they can look really lovely too!

Outdoor tiles:

Outdoor tiles can add a little more colour and shape than a standard patio or decked area.

Tip: you can even try stencilling a tile effect look which will save a little money and still gets that unique look

Parasols and umbrellas:

Just because you want to shade yourself doesn’t mean you can’t look glam whilst you do! Coming in all types of sizes and colours you can find one to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Image sources in order of appearance:

in-built sofa seating / orange & gold statement chairs / monochrome black bistro set - Pinterest / round outdoor coffee table / Orange painted wall black painted wall / pink outdoor walls / pink & grey with cushions and tiled floor / floor cushions / lanterns / Patio heater/lighting / outdoor mirror / parasol / outdoor tiles / wall mounted plants

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