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We all know the importance of trying to reduce our environmental impact whether it’s through the food we eat, travel choices we make or the clothes we wear, but have enough of us thought about the way we style our homes?

The number of brands and retailers now offering ‘fast interiors’ has risen exponentially with big bargain out-of-town stores to traditional clothing retailers now offering everything from bedside tables to lighting. However, interior lovers are becoming more aware of the longevity of the pieces they’re buying for their homes and the impact constantly buying new items is having not only financially, but environmentally. Here are our top tips on how to shop for and style your home more sustainably:

Interiors from our ‘The Modern’ project

1. Make considered choices

This is especially important for the larger, statement pieces of furniture in your homes such as a sofa or bed. You’re less likely to change these very often so you want to think about a style that’s likely to suit any future interior trends you might choose for your home.

Our Junior Designer, Erin, says: “Sometimes these pieces can come at a price but in the long run this will save you money and in turn, will be better for the environment. Buying considered furniture pieces that can be repainted, wrapped or upcycled time and time again will ensure you can keep the item in your home for years to come.”

2. Be trend-conscious not trend-led

Forever changing trends have driven the ‘fast interiors’ market so instead of following the fashions and frequently changing your furnishings, go with what you love and you’re more likely to want to keep them in your home for longer.

3. Upcycling

Reupholstering, painting, or varnishing existing old furniture is a great way of creating a new look that isn’t going to cost the earth.

Erin says: “We saw upcycling become hugely popular during Lockdown and it’s continued to remain. People were stuck in their homes with time on their hands, so they got creative with what they already had to create something completely new. I think this interior trend is around to stay as it creates a feeling of satisfaction and pride knowing your hard work has achieved something and you’ve not thrown anything away.”

4. Buy second hand

There are so many places you can now find affordable – and sometimes even free - old furniture, such as Facebook Marketplace, charity shops, flea markets, and car boot sales.

Like upcycling, Erin says: “Most of the time a lick of paint and some new handles can really make a difference to an old piece.”

5. Rental furniture

The rental furniture market now offers the opportunity to rent everything from coffee tables to cushions. It allows homes to always look up to date without the commitment, all while ensuring an item’s lifespan is extended.

6. Have a move around

Sometimes just moving your furniture or interior accessories around can make your home feel refreshed. Try moving an accent chair from your living room into your bedroom or placing the books from your shelf onto your coffee table for a new look.

We'd love to hear what sustainable choices you're making when styling your home. Share them with us via @vestainteriordesign.

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